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When he was 9 months old.

*/ //====================================================================== import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; //====================================================================== class news002{ static public void main(String[] args){ GUI gui = new GUI(); }//end main }//end class news002 //====================================================================== class GUI{ Frame myFrame; //container for the scrolling TextField object TextField myTextField; //text will scroll in this TextField object GUI(){//constructor myTextField = new TextField(""); myFrame = new Frame(); myFrame.add("South",myTextField);//place TextField in Frame myFrame.setSize(200,200); myFrame.setVisible(true); //Put the text scrolling code in a separate thread to make it // easier to terminate the program by closing the Frame object. Thread myThread = new Thread(new MyThread(myTextField)); myThread.start(); //Instantiate and register program termination object. myFrame.addWindowListener(new Terminate()); }//end constructor }//end class GUI //========================================================== class MyThread extends Thread{ String myString = "This is a long string.This is a long string."; TextField myTextField; MyThread(TextField textFieldIn){//constructor myTextField = textFieldIn; }//end constructor public void run(){ while(true){ for(int cnt = 0; cnt < 22; cnt++){ try{ myTextField.setText(myString.substring(cnt,cnt+20)); try{ Thread.currentThread().sleep(400); }catch(InterruptedException e){} }catch(StringIndexOutOfBoundsException e){} }//end for-loop on cnt }//end while-loop on true }//end run }//end class MyThread //========================================================== //Terminates program when the user closes the Frame object. class Terminate extends WindowAdapter{ public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e){ System.exit(0); }//end windowClosing() }//end class Terminate //========================================================== -end-

On his first show.